Tuesday, November 6, 2012

On Election Day

I miss you
I miss talking with you
I would love to talk about the election
I'd love to talk about our home
But most of all I wish 
we could talk about the kids
And then some days
just nothing at all.
I miss you


Jane and Lance Hattatt said...

Hello Cheryl:
When faced with major decisions, one really misses the life partner with whom one shared them all to talk things over and reach a conclusion, even if it is only to differ!

But, in these few words, how tenderly you convey that sense of loss which is there......in good times as well as bad.Take care!

Judith A. Ross said...

Beautiful post. Thank you for the reminder of things not-to-be-taken-for-granted. Ever.

Sandy, Sisters of Season said...

Hi Cheryl, Thats when I miss Dave the most . . . when major decisions need to be made, or when something is bothering me. I feel for you . . . I know I've said this often, it does get better with time. When major changes happen in our lives it freezes us literally . . you are still defrosting. While grieving its important to just go with it, don't fight it. Blessings xo

Jeanne @ Collage of Life said...

Cheryl...just have to say how much I have enjoyed your blog, it has touched me on so many levels. You are a very gifted photographer...I think you have found your next calling. So many thanks for following my blog, I look forward to following yours.

Warm wishes...

Jeanne xx