Monday, March 10, 2014

I was blessed this day.

 A child is born
We've suddenly stepped through a thousand dolls
A child is born
His chin is like mine but his eyes are yours
How perfectly formed are his fingers
So far to reach, so much to know
What world will be formed by his fingers
We'll hold him close, then let him go

How sweet to find
A part of ourselves we knew nothing of
A child is born
A child that was born of our love.*

Meagan, thank you 
for letting me begin to share this day with you.
I am looking forward to meeting Baby T.

*words adapted from those written by 
Alan and Marilyn Bergman and David Grusin

All photos by Cheryl Sparks Photography


Skeller said...

omgoodness, totally lovely images of a totally beautiful mama-to-be!!!

Jane and Lance Hattatt said...

Hello Cheryl:

What absolute joy radiates from this post. And how exciting for you. We send our warmest wishes to both mother and baby.

Kathleen Cavanaugh said...

Joyous anticipation! Enjoy every minute!

Kathleen Cavanaugh said...

Joyous anticipation. Cherish every minute!